Monday, April 14, 2008

Elvis has left the building...

Our son, Carter, who is six is infatuated with Elvis. He heard one song on my husband's iPod and fell in love. Now, a couple months later, he has every Elvis song ever made (not to mention knowing all the words), owns two Elvis full-length movies and has the DVR set to record *anything* with Elvis. He has several Elvis books and watches concert clips on YouTube and

He bought himself a guitar, I bought him the glasses and he made his grandma buy him the white shirt and tie. He already had the black Harley jacket. He wanted me to dye his hair, are six years old. He also bought a wig but it now resembles Don King a little more than Elvis, so we vetoed it. He wanted to take the Harley letters off of the leather jacket and replace them with a big Elvis patch, but we vetoed that as well.

Tonight was the practice for his school's Idol contest in preparation for the real deal on Friday. He's going to sing "Don't Be Cruel" and he has some "moves". Here's the conversation that transpired last night:
Me: Carter, tomorrow is your rehearsal, you should practice your dance.
Carter: Mom! It's not a dance!
Me: Huh?
Carter: Boys don't dance. They have "moves".
Me: Okay. Whatever.

These are some photos. He did three go-rounds. As soon as I can get it working correctly, I'll upload the video. I can't stand how adorable it is. In the meantime, here are a few photos that my mom took....


Nardi said...

So cute! Hope his Idol experience goes well for him. Can't wait to see his "moves".

Katherine said...

He's adorable!!!

Rachel said...

How cute. I think he has a future career in Vegas!!!

Lizette said...

Boys don't dance, they have moves ! Too funny !
What an adorable child, he doesn't need the wig, he looks fantastic !