Monday, April 28, 2008

Elvis is back in the building

As you all know, Carter was supposed to be in his school's Idol lip sync contest a couple weeks ago. We practiced, bought the silver wide-frame glasses, watched Elvis videos and movies and even bought a wig. We ended up not using the wig, because on a 6-year-old boy, it looked a little more like Don King.

Anyway, the morning of the show, Elvis is nauseous at 5 a.m. Elvis never wakes up at 5 a.m. Elvis needs to be drug out of bed at 6:45. So, we were hoping it was just a case of nerves. But when he says he has to throw up, you run. Fast. So, it ended up being a nice case of the flu.

We were all devastated that he'd miss the show. At 3 p.m., he woke up after sleeping for about 5 hours and said, "I think I could do it." Sorry, buddy. No contest. He ended up doing the little routine with his "moves" for a house full of ladies here for a bridal shower on Sunday without hesitation.

A few days later, his class wrote letters to him. They were so adorable, I almost cried. They said things like, "You are still a rock star to us." and "I know that you would have rocked good." They drew pictures on the back, which were just as adorable. Check these two out...
(I'll upload the photos tomorrow....)
The first one is supposed to be Carter up on the stage.

The second one and my favorite, is by Caitlyn. Notice the vomit. Only in the eyes of a first grader.

His teacher emailed me later in the week and said that they were going to let Carter do his little stint for the entire first grade on Friday during school. I went to his school and helped him get changed. It was right after he had P.E. so he was sweaty as a hog, and then had to put on the leather jacket. :) He walked into the gym and there was the whole first grade, a fifth grade class, the principal, assistant principal, custodian, secretaries, some parents, plus the music teacher. He drew a pretty big crowd and was really pumped up. He got out there and sang his heart out! I was so proud. Here's the video.
The first part is him in the morning before school (notice all the dirty dishes in the sink...just keepin' it real as Pioneer Woman would say) and then it goes into the song. Then we go back to his classroom and they're having a little party. I should also mention that it was pajama day, which Carter would never do in a million years. :)

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