Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How does this demonstrator thing work, anyway?

I've had two people in the last couple weeks ask about being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. Here are a few things I explained to the last person:

The "quota is always the first question!

The "quota" is $300 per quarter. It can be spread throughout the quarter, or all at once. So, for example between now and March, I need to sell (or spend!) $300. I knew I would be able to do this on my own, so I found friends who were willing to be part of a "buyer's club." I'll explain that in a minute... However, you do not have to make a minimum until your first FULL quarter. So, if you were to join between now and March 31, you wouldn't have to make your $300 quota until the end of June. It gives you the first quarter you join time to build your customer base, or whatever.

The demonstrator kit is shown in the back of the catalog. You can substitute most items if you want, like ink pads and stamp pads. The cost is $199 and there is an additional scrapbooking set that you can add on if you'd like.

I would be your "upline" and would be there to support you. I attend a quarterly meeting (optional) at my upline's house and we do projects and get updates from her. They're really fun. :)

You get access to the catalogs early and can pre-order items before customers. The best part is that you only have to send in 80% of what the "merchandise" is. This is your 20% "instant income". So, when you have a workshop or order that is $150 (not including tax and shipping), $30 is yours to keep and the rest goes to Stampin' Up! Orders are submitted online (or you can phone them in).

Back to the buyer's club...I knew I couldn't spend $300 every quarter myself. I had 5 friends get together with me and we all spent $25 on anything in the catalog each month. They email or call me with their order and we never actually got together as a "party". By all 6 of us spending $25 each month, the order was at least $150 each month, therefore, I went over the quota. Also, because the "workshop" was over $150, it qualified for hostess benefits. So, each one of us got a turn being the "hostess" on of the months. Some of the "hostesses" wanted to earn more hostess benefits, so I actually did a workshop at their house and they invited their friends. The orders from the workshop got added on to the buyer's club orders and she earned more. Also, because there were 6 of us, the club went for 6 months. I have been doing this for almost 2 years and it's been very successful. At one point, I had three buyer's clubs going.

Everyone is different as a "demonstrator". Some people want to build a business and make money. I wanted to do enough business to support my hobby, but I wasn't going to go tracking people down or being a pushy sales lady. Other people want to be a "hobby" demo and will support their quota with their own orders any maybe those of a few friends. (There is no difference between a 'business' and 'hobby' demo in SU!'s are either a demo or you are not).

That's a lot of information for now, so take a look and let it sink in. Think of some questions and I'll give you a call or you can email or call me too! :)


JenMarie said...

Great info, thanks!

Amber (bambi64) said...

woo hoo Congrats!! I've got someone signing up in Feb. She'll be my second recruit.