Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our first Cubs game...(plus a Sox disclaimer)

We took Carter and Kylie to their very first Major League Baseball game last Saturday. Cubs played the Pirates. It was an awesome game, the weather was super and it was a great day all around! Except for the part where I went to the bathroom and security came over and told Frank and the kids that we couldn't hold up our sign during the innings. Funny thing is, they waited until the bottom of the 8th inning to say something. Ironically, the poster says, "It's our 1st Cubs game!" Oh, well. I now find myself however, yelling out "Fukudome" at random times throughout the day, such as today at Giordano's Pizza.
DISCLAIMER: And for all you Sox fans out there...if it makes you feel any better, my husband and son are MAJOR Sox fans. Carter wouldn't even wear a Cubs shirt last year and made his grandma return it. And even better yet, these tickets were free. :)

And, although I did not intentionally take the photo below, I decided to keep it because they show off my comfy new cute shoes. They're Sketchers from QVC. And yes, I need a pedicure.


Teresa said...

So jealous! I am a die hard Cubs fan!!! Thanks for sharing!

Loretta's Blog said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, we have visited the Camden Yards and Orioles a few times, and am always impressed. So much fun. The pictures are very nice!

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