Saturday, June 23, 2007

My New Heaven

Here's the area my dear, dear husband helped me with. It used to be just for me, but now I'm able to hold classes down here and I don't have to haul stuff up and down the stairs! I have been in here for almost 24 hours straight, I think. In fact, I've made 30 cards since last night and taught a class this morning (see post below). I am SO happy! The big brown shelves are from IKEA and I have baskets in every other hole. The baskets have single stamps, punches, envelopes and other odds and ends. The stamp sets are kind of organized by theme. I have my essentials in the middle (rotary cutter, Stampin' Up! Color Caddy for my ink, SU! markers and Sharpie's. My laptop and printer are over in the corner. Then there is still room left on that table, plus two six foot tables to spread out! There's also a couple Rubbermaid units under the window, plus little drawers for scissors, pencils, glue sticks and double sided adhesive. The ribbon is hung on a 'pants' hangar on the pegboard. Love, love, love my new space. Thanks honey! (I subscribed him to my blog! Now post a comment, dear, and tell all the nice ladies how much fun it was....)

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Elizabeth (FLMommyof2 on SCS) said...

OOOH! I am so jealous of your lovely space! What a sweetie your hubby is! Enjoy your new heaven!