Monday, June 18, 2007

Stamped Library Bags

The kids are signed up for the summer reading program at the library and are bringing home a ton of books. Little hands don't have enough strength to carry home all of the books for the week, so I bought these canvas bags at Michael's. They're three in a package (perfect!) and were $7.99.

I used blue, black and pink StazOn ink to stamp the letters in Kylie's name and for the flower outlines. Then, I colored them in with Sharpies! Of course, I have the monster pack of Sharpie's that have about 20 colors! Between being a teacher and a stamper, Sharpie's are a business expense as far as I'm concerned!

I used Doodle This and my favorite alphabet at the moment Big Deal. The giant flowers you see are from the Pick-a-Petal set in the new catalog! (See photo and click on it for a closeup) Did you see the countdown on the right???


Corie said...

Love this bag.

Jamie said...

Wow that is awesome, I have a little princess who would love that bag for her reading program!!